About "The Adventures of Carlos Caterpillar"

The objective of this animated character education series is to engage children up to the age of 10 with entertaining adventures that help them understand the importance of behaving in accordance with a strong value system. These lively programs are meant to support parents and teachers in their efforts to model and instill healthy values in children. They portray situations that children face in their everyday interactions, describing emotions honestly and in terms that children find relatable. Each episode explores a complex concept, such as the importance of responsibility or honesty, by defining the core concept and cleverly illustrating consequences that can result when these values are not internalized and practiced in daily life.


In addition to Carlos Caterpillar, the programs feature a number of other recurring characters—all insects or other invertebrates, such as snails—including Uncle Pedro, a butterfly who serves as a kindly, trusted mentor to Carlos. From parents and teachers to public servants, Carlos's friendly community of Mogan, Canary Islands, is comprised of the kinds of relationships any child in the world might encounter while growing up. Children will laugh at the situations in which Carlos finds himself as he learns, through trial and error—and with the help and loving guidance of his parents, teachers, townsfolk and Uncle Pedro—how to strengthen his character while learning how to make the right moral choices.





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